Oxygen | Modern Web Browser

Electron-based browser built in HTML/CSS/JS.
Dynamic UI that blends in with the current site.
AdBlock, Chrome extensions, and more.

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COVID Inc. | COVID Global Hackathon Finalist

Featured as 1 of 89 solutions from 18,000+ participants.
Interactive world map to help visualize COVID-19 spread over time by drawing parellels to Plague Inc..

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WATCade | Full-Size Arcade Machine

Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet built from scratch.
Supports MAME, SNES, Atari, N64, and more.

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GLITCH | Platforming Game

Platforming, with a twist.
Made in Java without any game libraries.

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Self-Driving Car | Gold, Canada-Wide Science Fair

Level 2 autonomous driving with TWEANNs.
Trained with genetic algorithms.